Granicus Search API - Indexes

Agency Index

The agency index is a special index that contains all of the meta information for each government agency in the API. You can query the agency index at the following url:

You can use this index to discover agencies or look up information about agencies such as their estimated location (lat/lon), numeric agency ID, site url, or the number of videos/markers that the agency currently has.

Site Indexes

All of the data in the Search API is organized into hundreds of smaller datasets for each agency. Each index is named after the site that the data came from, so San Francisco's data will be in the index, for example.

Each site index contains all of the data for that site, organized by type. Currently there are two types: marker and video. Videos represent an individual video files, while markers represent a particular point in a video file. You can query an individual index by adding it to the URL between the /api/ section and the /_search section. Using San Francisco as an example again:

And, again, including a type filter to just show videos:

As you can see, this index layout allows for extremely easy and high performance filtering by jurisdiction.